Image of a cd sticking out of a cd sleeve against a grey to white gradient background. Little black ovals with eyes and blue mouths cover the top of the album, with 3 monsters below them walking towards a black silhouette of a person with their arms up in fear. The person stands near a yellow sun. In black text on the right of the cover it says the weeks. The bottom has green pointy mountains, in between the mountains and the people above is darkness and eyes with mouths open looking up at the people above.

Comeback Cadillac CD

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1. Comeback Cadillac
2. Teary Eyed Woman
3. Altar Girl
4. Hold It, Kid
5. Buttons
6. Mississippi Rain
7. Dog Days
8. The House That We Grew Up In
9. Wishin' My Week Away
10. Sailor Song
11. Ballad of Tonto Higgins

Released on Esperanza Plantation Records, 2008
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