Image of a cd sleeve and cd sticking halfway out of the sleeve against a grey to white gradient background. The left side of the cd sleeve artwork features three of the same images of a man standing in front of an american flag with a cowboy hat on. each image is rotated in a different direction. The center of the left side has a teal circle and white text that says the weeks, gutter gaunt gangster. The right side of the cover is the same image of the man, but it is larger and just the one image.

Gutter Gaunt Gangster CD

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1. Stigmata
2. Slave to the South
3. I've Broken All Your Windows
4. Mountains Make Me Crazy
5. Harmony
6. I'm Not Dead Yet
7. The House That We Grew Up In (Reprise)
8. Goodbye, Winston Churchill

Released on Serpents & Snakes Records, 2012
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