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Vinyl Bundle 2

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Bundle contains Dear Bo Jackson Black 2xLP, Easy Black Vinyl, Two Moons Black Vinyl & Buttons White Vinyl. 



1. Buttons
2. Mercury
3. Book of Ruth
4. Hold It, Kid
Released on Serpents & Snakes Records 2014


Dear Bo Jackson

1. Dear Bo Jackson
2. Brother in the Night
3. King-Sized Death Bed
4. Ain't My Stop
5. Bad Enough
6. White Ash
7. Gobi Blues
8. Thief in My Mouth
9. Harlots Bluff
10. Chickahominy
11. Wo is I
Released on Serpents & Snakes Records, 2013



1. Talk Like That
2. Ike
3. Start It Up
4. Hands on the Radio
5. Bottle Rocket
6. Gold Don't Rust
7. Sevens
8. Blame
9. The One
10. Ain't Dancin'
11. Don't Be Sad
Released on Lightning Rod Records, 2017


Two Moons

1. Paper Mâché Houses
2. Comin' Down
3. Two Moons
4. Girls Like You
5. The Real King
6. Believe Whatever
7. Scared of the Sunshine
8. In the Flowers
9. Fool's Gold
10. Too Much Light

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