Image of a cd sleeve with a cd sticking halfway out of the sleeve against a grey to white gradient background. The album cover features an image of the 4 members of the weeks standing next to a white horse that is eating off from the ground. They are standing in front of a barn in a wooded area. Above the entryway to the barn in a white rectangle are the words the weeks in the color pink. Next to the rectangle are yellow crescent moons, one on each side. below that in white text it says two moons.

Two Moons CD

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1. Paper Mâché Houses
2. Comin' Down
3. Two Moons
4. Girls Like You
5. The Real King
6. Believe Whatever
7. Scared of the Sunshine
8. In the Flowers
9. Fool's Gold
10. Too Much Light

Released on Crooked Letter Records, 2019.
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